ÉireComposites Begins Development of 14m Wind Blades

ÉireComposites has commenced development of 14-metre wind-turbine blades for a UK-based company. The blades will utilise ÉireComposites’ patented technology for composites’ manufacturing. The technology reduces the cost and weight of blades while increasing the strength and stiffness. Most wind blades are made by gluing sub-components (skins, spar, root etc.) together while ÉireComposites’ blades are manufactured in a single piece, thus eliminating the cost and weight associated with gluing parts together and enhancing blade quality. The 14m blades will be used for a derivative of the Vestas V29 wind turbine, a 225kW machine. The V29 is one of the first pitch-regulated turbines and has an excellent track record in terms of reliability.