In 2013, we commenced manufacturing 13m blades for the Vestas V27 machine from glass fibre and epoxy resin (thermosetting materials). ÉireComposites blades are made using the company’s patented MechTool®, a technology which has helped make valuable advances in the renewable energy sector. MechTool® has the following advantages over alternative blade-manufacturing technologies:

  • Significant reduction in cost of manufacturing blades.
  • Blade is made in one piece hence avoiding the need to glue components together.
  • Faster processing times for blade-manufacture.
  • Zero emissions of Volatile Organic Compounds into the workplace.





The company is also producing glass-fibre reinforced polypropylene (Twintex) thermoplastic wind turbine blades for 6kW and 15kW Kingspan machines. GF/PP is an extremely tough, lightweight composite and provides for quiet and durable production of electricity from wind. These blades can be recycled because thermoplastic materials are used.

Our renewable energy R&D has had substantial effects on the industry. Take a look at our R&D page to find out more.