Production At ÉireComposites


ÉireComposites blades are made using the company’s patented MechTool®, a technology which has helped make valuable advances in the renewable energy sector.

• 13m Blades – In 2013, ÉireComposites commenced manufacturing 13-metre blades for the Vestas V27 machine from glass fibre and epoxy resin.
• 14m Blades – ÉireComposites, manufacture 14-metre wind-turbine blades for a derivative of the 225kW Vestas V29 wind turbine.
• Kingspan Blades – ÉireComposites produce glass-fibre reinforced polypropylene (Twintex) thermoplastic wind turbine blades for 6kW and 15kW Kingspan machines. GF/PP is an extremely tough, lightweight composite and provides for quiet and durable production of electricity from the wind. These blades can be recycled because thermoplastic materials are used.
• OmniLink Blades – OmniLink Green Technology have developed and tested a diffuser-augmented-wind-turbine (DAWT) which uses a diffuser around the outside of the blades to accelerate the wind and hence increase the power captured. The diffuser results in higher loads on the blades and can cause failures for low-quality blades. ÉireComposites has designed and manufactured high-strength, lightweight blades for the OmniLink diffuser assisted turbine which can survive the high loads resulting from the diffuser.