ÉireComposites is delighted to announce that it will be participating in the Horizon2020 €6.5m Airpoxy project from September 2018 (funded under H2020-MG-2017, Mobility for Growth). The purpose of the p roject to develop thermoformable, repairable and bondable epoxy-based composites for aeronautical structures. The end-goal is to reduce the production and maintenance costs of composite parts in the aeronautical sector. This will be achieved by introducing a novel family of thermoset composites that preserve all the advantages of conventional thermosets, while showing new, unprecedented features such as Re-processability, Reparability and Recyclability.

EireComposites recently exited examinership and secured significant investment from its shareholders.  As part of Airpoxy, which is worth €750,000    to EireComposites, the company will apply its expertise in thermoforming and bonding to the manufacture of proof-of-concept components which demonstrate the advantages of these newly developed composite materials


Welding of Thermoplastics

ÉireComposites is involved in serial production, prototyping and R&D in thermoplastic composite (TPC) components for the aerospace, transport, wind energy and marine industries, using both press-moulding and autoclave facilities.

As part of the Ybridio and Innova projects, ÉireComposites has performed research on welding of composites which offers the capacity for reduced cost and increased automation. The company can carry out induction and resistance welding and amorphous bonding of CP/PEEK, CF/PEKK and GF/PP. Welding of thermoplastics was evaluated for the Bombardier C-series composite wing.




Automated Tape Placement of Thermoplastics


Automated Tape Placement (ATP) has become a mainstream processing technique used to manufacture large thermoset carbon-fiber components. ÉireComposites has developed specialised heated tooling to allow the use of ATP for thermoplastic composites. ATP of thermoplastics involves the automated deposition of thermoplastic composite tape onto a tool surface while consolidating the tape in-situ via the application of heat and pressure. ÉireComposites is manufacturing a 1.5m diameter cylinder using ATP for the European Space Agency as part of the Future Launchers Preparatory Programme.



Sustainable Environmentally-friendly Advanced-Composite Zero-Emission Boats 


The SEABOAT concept will tackle inherent issues in the recreational boat manufacturing industry, with a particular focus on addressing outdated, inefficient, costly and environmentally inferior hull-manufacturing processes that will not meet new legislation.  SEABOAT will deliver significant positive impacts in terms of industry/EU competitiveness, scalable company growth in revenue & jobs, and a wide array of performance & environmental benefits.


This will be achieved by

  • Commercialisation of the Composite Powder Epoxy Technology (C-PET) manufacturing process within the recreational boat manufacturing segment and by introducing a revolutionary E-Boat design incorporating the C-PET manufactured hull into the market,
  • Enabling the partners ÉireCompositesand W1Da  to achieve in excess of €45m combined cumulative revenue and 260 jobs from 2021-2023.


Project Objectives:

  • Reduce the cost of boat hull manufacturing by 30%.
  • Reduce the weight of boat hulls by 45%.
  • Manufacture 8m boat hull using manufacturing technology that avoids the emission of harmful VOC’s.
  • Demonstrate that boats can be powered from clean, renewable electricity instead of fuel-powered internal combustion engines thereby eliminating the use of hydrocarbon-based fuels, which will massively reduce the carbon footprint and pollution from boat operations.

Partners Include:
















Other Research & Development

ÉireComposites has been involved in a number of high-profile Research and Development projects including:


  • Collaborative R&D on EU ALCAS project, led by Airbus UK, involving design manufacture of composite wing ribs and centre wing box components. We also develop and manufacture composite wingbox structures. CTL (Composites Testing Labratory) is involved in materials characterisation and in structural testing of composite wingbox components.
  • Collaborative R&D on EU DINAMIT project, characterising new thermoplastic composites for aircraft components. Other industrial partners include CRC EADS (F), Airbus- F, Airbus-UK, Airbus-D, Dassault (F), Eurocopter (F).
  • Coupon and First Part Qualification cut-up testing for numerous aerospace customers throughout Europe.
  • R&D with European Space Agency and industrial partner to develop and characterise thermoplastic composites for space launcher (Ariane 6) and satellite applications.


LIBRE- Bio Based Carbon Fibre



The LIBRE project consists of a consortium of industry and academic research organisations. It aims to develop and demonstrate the feasibility of lignin based carbon fibre materials for application in the energy and automotive sectors.


Objectives of LIBRE:

  • Development of new bio-based composite materials utilising lignin from the pulp and paper industry blended with biopolymers as a precursor.
  • Reduction in energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions during the manufacturing process through the use of microwave and radio frequency (MW/RF) heating technologies.
  • Surface functionalisation using non-aqueous processes to enhance performance in polymer composites
  • Increased sustainability of composite materials.
  • A competitive edge for end-user sectors such as transportation, renewable energy and construction.

Partners Include:





Recent Publications


ÉireComposites’ research and development has resulted in a number of publications including the following:

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We have vast experience in carrying out R&D projects in the Renewable Energy sector. Take a look at our Renewable Energy page for more information and publications.