Other Research & Development


ÉireComposites has been involved in a number of high-profile Research and Development projects including:

  • Collaborative R&D on EU ALCAS project, led by Airbus UK, involving design manufacture of composite wing ribs and centre wing box components. We also develop and manufacture composite wingbox structures. CTL (Composites Testing Labratory) is involved in materials characterisation and in structural testing of composite wingbox components.
  • Collaborative R&D on EU DINAMIT project, characterising new thermoplastic composites for aircraft components. Other industrial partners include CRC EADS (F), Airbus- F, Airbus-UK, Airbus-D, Dassault (F), Eurocopter (F).
  • Coupon and First Part Qualification cut-up testing for numerous aerospace customers throughout Europe.
  • R&D with European Space Agency and industrial partner to develop and characterise thermoplastic composites for space launcher (Ariane 6) and satellite applications.