ÉireComposites’ research and development has resulted in a number of publications including the following:

  • Rotational Moulding of PEEK Polymer Liners with Carbon Fibre/PEEK Over Tape-Placement for Space Cryogenic Fuel Tanks
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  • Permeability of Carbon Fibre PEEK Composites for Cryogenic Storage Tanks of Future Space Launchers
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  • Polymer Lined COPVS Formed using an Integrally Heated Rotational Moulding Tool and Laser Assisted Tape Placement
    Murray, B. R., Leen, S., Semprimoschnig, C. O. A. & O Brádaigh, C. 30 May 2016 SAMPE Conference 2016.
  • Helium Permeability of Polymer Materials as Liners for Composite Overwrapped Pressure Vessels
    Murray, B., Leen, S., Semprimoschnig, C. & O Brádaigh, C. 19 Apr 2016 In : Journal of Applied Polymer Science. 133, 29.
  • Damage and permeability in tape-laid thermoplastic composite cryogenic tanks
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  • Characterization of Cryogenically-Cycled Autoclaved and ATL CF/PEEK Laminates using 3-D X-Ray CT
    Grogan, D. M., Leen, S. B. & O Brádaigh, C. 31 Jul 2015 20th International Conference on Composite Materials.
  • A combined XFEM and cohesive zone model for composite laminate microcracking and permeability
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  • Use of carbon fibres for reinforcement of thin geopolymer cement sections
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  • Feasibility of carbon fibre/peek composites for cryogenic fuel tank applications
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