Sustainable Environmentally-friendly Advanced-Composite Zero-Emission Boats 


The SEABOAT concept will tackle inherent issues in the recreational boat manufacturing industry, with a particular focus on addressing outdated, inefficient, costly and environmentally inferior hull-manufacturing processes that will not meet new legislation.  SEABOAT will deliver significant positive impacts in terms of industry/EU competitiveness, scalable company growth in revenue & jobs, and a wide array of performance & environmental benefits.



This will be achieved by

  • Commercialisation of the Composite Powder Epoxy Technology (C-PET) manufacturing process within the recreational boat manufacturing segment and by introducing a revolutionary E-Boat design incorporating the CPET manufactured hull into the market,
  • Enabling the partners ÉireCompositesand W1Da  to achieve in excess of €45m combined cumulative revenue and 260 jobs from 2021-2023.

Project Objectives:

  • Reduce the cost of boat hull manufacturing by 30%.
  • Reduce the weight of boat hulls by 45%.
  • Manufacture 8m boat hull using manufacturing technology that avoids the emission of harmful VOC’s.
  • Demonstrate that boats can be powered from clean, renewable electricity instead of fuel-powered internal combustion engines thereby eliminating the use of hydrocarbon-based fuels, which will massively reduce the carbon footprint and pollution from boat operations.

Partners Include: