ÉireComposites currently provides Stress and Design services to leading aerospace and space companies under industrial product contracts and on a Research & Development basis. ÉireComposites has a pool of experienced engineering staff with a strong background in the aerospace industry, many of whom have direct previous employment history with leading OEMs & material suppliers.

The company can provide Stress and Design Office support with industry recognised tools including MSC/PATRAN and NASTRAN and CATIA V5. It can also integrate with customer’s specific proprietary requirements.

ÉireComposites’ design engineers work in close cooperation with CTL engineers, thus allowing the company to offer state of the art structural testing capabilities in conjunction with active design projects.

All ÉireComposites’ engineers have hands-on experience working with advanced thermoplastic and thermoset composite materials and manufacturing processes. This capability is exploited in a team that can deliver innovative and cost effective design solutions in an applied Research & Development environment.

CNC Capabilities






ÉireComposites has developed and patented a revolutionary new method of heating and cooling moulds called MECH (Mould Efficient Cooling and Heating). MECH replaces traditional inefficient ovens and cooling systems and offers a cost effective method of processing a wide range of thermoplastic composite materials.

MECH is a highly efficient heating system that applies electrical heating directly to the location on the mould where it is required. Cooling channels constructed on top of the heating system allows a high volume of conditioned air to be blown over the mould surface for rapid cooling.

The are many advantages to using MECH, including the following:

  • Energy costs can be reduced by as much as 80%.
  • The operators’ working environment is considerably enhanced by reduced temperatures, noise and the elimination of movement of moulds into ovens.
  • Maintenance costs are reduced as troublesome ovens and coolers are no longer required in addition to the fact that equipment will not suffer from metal fatigue as a result of being constantly exposed to large temperature fluctuations.
  • New grades of thermoplastics / composites can be processed cost effectively.
  • Electronic data acquisition can now be used to monitor the cure cycle in real time, a feature which was not possible in ovens.

We produce glass-fibre reinforced polypropylene (Twintex®) thermoplastic catamaran hulls for French company, 2Win. GF/PP is an extremely tough and lightweight composite and provides for lighter weight and superior durability when compared with thermoset composites such as glass/polyester etc. The catamaran hulls are more resistant to erosion from sea water and sand and have much superior impact properties, and of course are recyclable.

ÉireComposites was nominated as a finalist in the prestigious JEC Awards for 2006 for the development of these thermoplastic composite catamarans, along with partners 2Win and material supplier St. Gobain Vetrotex.





We are involved in serial production and prototyping of thermoplastic composite components for the automotive industry including the following:

  • The production of bus bumpers in GF/PP using our patented MechTool® technology. With this technology, we have provided a cost-effective solution for an application where impact performance is critical.
  • Prototyping of a GF/PP rear door for an SUV, for a major producer of automobiles. A combination of light weight, mechanical properties and impact performance are required for this application.
  • Technology in lightweight, high-performance thermoplastic composites for highly-loaded machine elements. We developed a CF/PEEK rocker for a Formula 1 racing team, to replace the existing aluminium forging. The component was 30% lighter and able to perform at high service temperatures (150ºC) under severe fatigue loading.
  • We have also developed technology for the production of thermoplastic crash tubes for automotive applications.

BUA Saddles

The saddle developed by ÉireComposites and BUA saddles, promises greater comfort for both horse and rider, allowing them to move freely and without effort, whether the horse is walking, trotting or galloping.The cantilevered tree is made from a thermoplastic composite material, resulting in an economical, water resistant, robust saddle.The technology reduces saddle weight by 60%.

The saddle won the JEC Innovation Award for sports and leisure (2016).